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Beauty animates the world and in this pageant's driving energy, it becomes the object of a quest and leads to the emergence of an evolving relationship between humanity and the earth...,

A timeless research that focuses more on inner beauty than just fashion & outlook. We aspire to bring out the real beauty & talents in every sense or form guided by a deep love for nature, not only sensitivity to its fragile beauty but also by a philosophical reflection on the place of human beings in the universe.

This beauty pageant offers an alternative to the anthropocentric and androcentric vision of the world, with this beauty pageant our aim is to guide and educate the young generation today to excel in their approach towards life and achievement in various fields. The Vision is to present the different platforms to the upcoming talented youth to prove their worthy talents may it be beauty, fashion or dance.


About Us

Mr & Miss City LLP is a multi oriented event company which caters to the Beauty Pageants, Fashion events, Corporate events, Social events and Commercial events such Product launches, Business meets, Conferences, Celebrity Management, Reality shows and much more. The idea is to provide talented youth in various good professional platforms.
The company is formed with two strong pillars of professional task masters in their own fields and a very competent team of professional and technical crew working under them.

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    An enterprising personality, businessman and a go getter. Ex model with expertise in fashion events, talent grooming and advertising Dharam Tomar started his career as a model with agencies like Glitz, Glaze and more as a published model in many advertising campaigns and magazines like Swagat, Brunch HT and lot of other magazines

  • Hemant kaila a Fashion & modeling grooming expert. Model trainer & fashion choreographer Few shows as a professional model like Blender’s Pride Fashion week 2017, Kurukshetra biggest fashion show Mahakaal theme 2015 Designer next India 2016, The biggest fashion show 2017 in Tohana 2015, Rajasthan Got Talent 2016, Fashion night Design by Gauray Sharma

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    What Our Models Say

    "Mrt & Miss City helps to build Confidence in Girls and Boys that are in beauty pageants have to have a high amount of confidence and be able to portray it in front of the judges. These girls and boys work on this from a very young age, and this same confidence will stick with them through most of, if not all, of their life."

    Andrew Cole Model

    What Our Models Say

    "Practicing, staying in shape, and doing all the immense things that are required to prepare for a competition helps to teach these young women a great amount of discipline and pride in their personal appearance and the way that they carry themselves. A certain level of fitness is required to do well in beauty pageants, so this also helps with the health of the girls."

    Olivia Banks Model

    What Our Models Say

    "“I’m never really worried that the booth isn’t going to get there on time. I can call over there and talk to anyone and get my questions answered in an instant. Ease of getting a hold of people. All communication with them is really easy. They do handle everything. “"


    Crystal Garcia Model

    Glimpse of Mr & Miss City 2022

    Winners of Mr & Miss City MAY 8TH 2022


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